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Love Cou Action

Join the FSP family in 2022 and be part of the action! We present to you Happy Eco Cou Amica, a special project for a balanced and fulfilling life, developed in collaboration with the Rebalancing Group. This project invites companies to join us on a unique journey to the tribe and experience the healing power of nature. Let the forest rejuvenate your soul while connecting with the villagers of the tribe, and sharing your true self. It’s a gift of love and we welcome you to be a part of it!…🌹

On June 7th-8th, 2020, we launched the “ONE Therapy” project for Love Cou Action, supported by BPYS, Rebalance Group, and MOTUS. We invited rehab professionals and students from the Chinese Culture University in Taipei to visit various community health centers across Alishan. They provided physical therapy services for the elderly and villagers to help relieve sore muscles and pain.

On June 29th to 30th, 2020, we had a blast with the “Style and Dance” project supported by BPYS, Rebalance Group, and MOTUS! hc hair culture and IP Dance Skool came to Alishan and visited various community cultural centers. Benny Lau’s team of hair fashion experts and Cool A’s team of professional dance instructors provided the elderly and villagers with fashion haircuts and dance lessons that got them moving and grooving and looking good!


In 2020, our NGO team got together in Laiji Village to develop our indigenous youth support plan. It’s been four successful years since then! We recommended tanivu, a young Cou singer from Alishan, to sign a contract with the Rebalance Group and she released two singles: “Maitan’e Hold On” and “Bibiya Tree of Light.” Tanivu is not just a talented singer, she’s also a gifted artist and illustrator. In fact, a major publishing house asked her to illustrate the Mandarin translation of Paulo Coelho’s new book, The Archer.

Check out tanivu’s new singles and illustrations! Her pure high-pitched voice will capture your heart, and her latest releases bring love and hope to her listeners. Producer Corbett Wall believes that by sharing tanivu’s talent, we can inspire young people in indigenous tribes to reach new heights. “Even though I’ve been out of showbiz for over 20 years, I never left the world of art. I’ve expanded my horizons through music crossovers and exploring new forms of art,” he said. Don’t miss out on tanivu’s amazing talents!

Corbett Wall considers tanivu a precious jewel in the tribe. To help new listeners discover her music, he did something he hadn’t done in 24 years – he sang. This time, he accompanied tanivu on her single “Bibiya Tree of Light.” Corbett was also her producer, and while working with her vocal coach, Jennifer Huang, they decided to add a male voice to enhance the song’s richness. Jennifer pointed at Corbett, who took to the mic for the first time in 24 years, surprising everyone with the results.

“bibiya” in the Cou language means soul, pronounced as piepiya. This song is based on the children’s song, “This Little Light of Mine”. Since the emergence of COVID-19 in 2019, the pandemic has drastically altered the way of life and emotional wellbeing of people worldwide, affecting their health, confidence and hope. The Cou tribe in Alishan has also experienced the hardships when natural disasters like the Morakot typhoon displaced many families, leading them to understand that sharing and love is the key to healing the uneasiness and pain in their hearts. In 2020, Bashuya and Paicu built a four-story Tree of Light at installation at the foot of Tashan in the Laiji Tribe. Light rods on the tree’s top point towards the seven continents and the vast universe. Adapting this children’s hymn about spreading love to the world, the tribal forest girl, tanivu, sings beautifully about sharing joy, love, and light, wishing everyone a healthy future and a sunny life, regardless of religion or beliefs, showcasing the Cou people’s greater love. This song is dedicated to every corner of the world, and to all things in the universe.

“maitan’e hold on” is a modern adaptation of a traditional Cou song which is often sung during happy gatherings. In the Cou language maitan’e means “now.” This new version was recorded to encourage people to overcome the difficulties of COVID-19 together with hope and positivity. The producer wanted a simple production style allowing the song’s message to shine through without any distractions. To complement the traditional tribal sound, the song features a live rhythm section with acoustic bass, drums, and electric guitar.



Native tribal tech and art come together to plant the seeds of creativity, and mountain artists connect with their international counterparts to showcase their works in a space dedicated to art.

Experience the world from a 360 dome – where simplicity and life coexist. Our mission is to promote cultural identity and education through technology and art, resulting in a modern fresh cultural environment.

We’re about inspiring creativity. We achieve this by creating immersive and interactive art, providing a borderless chat space for artists to connect, hosting forums where creators can share ideas, and showcasing original works of art. We believe in the power of integrating art and technology to spark innovation and take the creative process to new heights.

We strive to integrate diverse cultures, fostering a space where creativity and beauty can be shared through music, dance, art, technology, literature, and food. We blend these art forms in the outdoors, allowing our imagination to be set free. Our goal is to promote rebalancing of the body, mind, and soul. We support projects empowering youth and development, an international exchange platform for talented individuals to showcase their work. Join us in our global melting pot, where we can share new ideas together.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult global challenge, and everyone has put in their best efforts to fight the virus. The villagers of the Cou tribe, who have already dealt with the devastating Morakot typhoon, know all too well the impact of huge challenges. On December 21, 2020, the Chiayi County Cultural Foundation teamed up with Corbett Wall, the Rebalance Group team, and BPYS to reveal their latest creative project – a massive installation art piece. County magistrate Weng Chang-Liang and Corbett Wall led the lighting up of the “Tashan Tree of Light” in Laiji Village, Alishan Township, and they invited tribal artists and eight tribal schools to join in the festivities. They brought peace and blessings from Alishan, one of Taiwan’s most famous scenic spots, to the world. Let the light of love bring peace and blessings in the new year.

Tashan Tree of Light is a collaboration between tribal and international artists, who used bamboo, steel, acrylic, stone, and other materials to create a stunning new landmark in the center of Laiji village. This project demonstrates our commitment to supporting young people in learning and developing their skills, while also providing a platform for creating culturally significant art. With projects like this will hope to inspire tribal villagers to develop their own cultural and creative tourism industry, while also preserving their traditional way of life in harmony with the environment.

The Cou tribes all collaborated on this art project including their local schools. Dabang Elementary School, and Dabang painter Zhuang Huiming participated. Also joining from Tefuye was the Chairman of Tefuyeshe Cultural Development Association, Chen Mingli. Lijia Elementary School participated their artwork, as did the Alishan Junior and Elementary School in Leye. Laiji Elementary School, and local artists such as paicu, mo’o, tanivu, yamaiyi, and Pu Kuang-Chung all participated. Shanmei Elementary School, and Shanmei local painter tanivu contributed, as well as Shinmei Elementary School, the Shinmei Hunter Camp, Chashan Elementary School, along with iron carving artist Basuya, and others.

We are excited to share that George Berlin, a well-known multimedia artist from the United States, flew to Taiwan during the lockdowns to join us. George has been internationally recognized for his breathtaking projection mapping works. We are thrilled that he accepted our invitation to be the art director and lighting designer for this project.

The Rebalance Group was responsible for the concept, curating, producing, operating, managing, and promoting the project. Architectural design support was provided by L&L Interiors. Together it was a perfect combination of international art with tribal talent and educators. The works created by these artists, combined with foreign cultures, provided a particularly striking visual experience for all attendees, making it a highly successful art and cultural event.


Taiwan’s first International Dome Film Festival was held from April 1st to 7th, 2021, at the Puzi ShuiDauTou Cultural and Creative Settlement in Chiayi County. The Chiayi County Government launched it on the evening of March 31 with a grand premiere. The film festival was curated by international curator Corbett Wall, who created the 360-degree immersive dome experience. Participants from 14 countries were invited to share 17 different films as part of the carnival atmosphere. People from all across Taiwan visited Chiayi to enjoy the art festival during the holidays, and it was a fun and unforgettable experience for everyone who attended.

Experience a celebration of nature and humanity with the 2021 MOTUS DOME @ KAGI festival. The event was conceived with a focus on simplicity, and festival-goers had the chance to engage in a range of exciting activities from immersing in the 360-degree dome film exhibit, creating eco-graffiti art, and visiting the historic “Puzi Water Tower” site for a stunning nighttime projection mapping show. This celebration explored the beauty of our world and the importance of connection with one another.

Chiayi County Magistrate, Weng Chang-Liang, was deeply moved by the work of Italian artist Alejandro R. showcased at the 2021 MOTUS DOME @ KAGI film festival. “Through The Eyes of The Tribesman,” captured a day in the life of the “guardians of the forest” – the indigenous Cou hunters of Alishan. Through the 360-degree dome experience, viewers were transported to the remote mountain forest, where they learned from the hunters’ wisdom, reconnecting with nature with a sense of awe and gratitude.

The festival brought the works of artists from 14 countries around the world to Chiayi County. Through different themes and artworks, the festival promoted the natural beauty of Chiayi County’s “mountains, seas, and plains” to the world stage. The event showcased a spectacular 360-degree dome film exhibition, and 6 different areas which highlighted village-based handcrafts, live performances, traditional tea ceremonies, a projection mapping show at the historic Puzi Water Tower, and interactive games – all related to the culture of Chiayi County. Friends and families alike were invited to take advantage of the holidays and experience the fun and excitement at Puzi ShuiDauTou Cultural and Creative Settlement.

Corbett Wall, the renowned musician who had transitioned into a technology artist, expressed his affection for beautiful Chiayi County. Since 2019 he has been residing in an indigenous village located in Alishan mountains, where he fell in love with the breathtaking surroundings. One of the notable works showcased during the film festival was a collaboration project between Corbett and the students of Laiji Elementary School. The goal of the collaboration was to inspire up and coming new talents to create innovative works in the future.


Debuts on March 15th, 2020. Grand opening in Laiji Village, Alishan, Taiwan.

Being Present Youth Support International Exchange NGO in cooperation with the Rebalance Group will present Asia’s first 360-degree fulldome festival in the beautiful mountains of Alishan, Taiwan.

The theme is “Through The Eyes of The Tribesman.”

In aboriginal culture the tribesman hunter represents the male, symbolizing warriors and a wisdom for survival as well as sharing. Carrying just a few knives, some rice, and salt, they enter the forest to fight against the natural elements and bring something home for their family. The tribesman tries to find the prey provided for by God, and brings it back to the tribe to share with family and friends.

Through The Eyes Of The Tribesman shows the essence of this spirit – a revered respect for nature, choosing their prey with compassion, offering thanks to the food of the earth, respecting tradition and their elders, a generous heart to share with others, and having the courage to not give up in the face of difficulties. A tribesman in the forest require sharp senses, clear judgement, decisive action, courage and toughness, being focused and quiet. This ancient wisdom needs to be learned and passed on.

A tribal elder once said, “The hardest thing to hunt is the human heart.” This exhibit uses the latest technology to remind us all of the wisdom of nature and the environment. Especially today in 2020, in the face of ecological catastrophes such as wildfires, rainstorms, and typhoons, humans need to learn to respect nature. City people need to learn how to respect the laws of nature in the mountains, and not to damage or selfishly take away anything for their own convenience. Every tree, every plant, every flower has their own language and life. Every insect and creature have their right to live. Human beings cannot continue to harm and destroy this earth we all live in. We need to learn how to coexist with nature.

2019 When the Mountain Pig Meets the Eco-Graffiti Wall

Close your eyes and try to imagine somewhere in the beautiful forests of Alishan, Taiwan, a brilliant white geodesic dome glistening in the sun.

Here you can find the most modern digital graffiti art from Canada, and primitive wild boar paintings from aboriginal Cou tribal artists.

A beautiful narrative of art, technology, and nature.

“When the Mountain Pig Meets the Eco-Graffiti Wall,” an avant-garde and completely original art exhibit in the mountain tribal village of Laiji in Alishan, Taiwan. November 13th – 30th, 2019.

This creation comes from the well-known musician and curator, Corbett Wall, and his Rebalance Renaissance team, who are committed promoting health, culture, and innovation through their youth development iniative, Being Present Youth Support International Exchange NGO (BPYS).

The first step of their long-term project is bringing arts to the young people of the Cou tribe in Laiji, Chiayi County, Taiwan.

The Rebalance Renaissance team is comprised of international art and curation people from around the world, who have brought together their experience to create this youth tribal regeneration project. This initiative is supported by the Chiayi County Culture and Tourism Bureau and the Chiayi County Cultural Foundation.

The exhibit was held in the tribal village of Laiji in Alishan, Taiwan. The main exhibit venue is a 10 meter dome tent. Combining the starry sky and the beautiful forest of Laiji, this exhibit brings together the most modern digital graffiti art technology from Canada and aboriginal Cou tribal artists, in a beautiful dialog of art, technology, and nature. Using art and technology to bridge the distance between the city and mountains, the ethnic culture and history of the Cou tribe can be presented in unique interactive way.

The designer of the eco-digital technology graffiti wall for this event is Alex Beim. Alex is the founder and Creative Director of Tangible Interaction, a Vancouver-based studio that creates sensory installations where community participation is key.

Alex accepted Corbett’s invitation to Alishan to help establish a creative dialog with tribal artists. The digital graffiti installation proved to be a fun and interactive way to build a sense of community through art and playfulness, changing the way people think about interacting with technology and new media.

Cou tribal artists Pu-u Aguyana and her mother Mui Aguyana were invited to participate in this exhibit. Through interactive technology the audience could experience the art of the Laiji tribe.

Corbett Wall is a proponent of the Rebalance lifestyle concept, which advocates for a healthy and sustainable way of living blending ecology and the arts. He has launched a youth support plan which integrates cultural and creative elements into the mountainous tribal areas. Through promoting international exchange opportunities and investing in the preservation and promotion of cultural traditions, we aim to bring tribal culture into a new era. Through these projects we can bring a new source of art into the mountains, rejuvenate city people’s interest in nature, and build a healthy connection between the city and the tribe.

The county magistrate of Chiayi County, Weng Chang-Liang, provided valuable assistance and support to this event. He expressed his gratitude to Corbett and the Rebalance team for choosing Laiji village, with a population of just over 200, as the starting point for their activities in the region.

Cou culture is the most significant cultural asset in Alishan, and the county government is dedicated to promoting tribal industries and tourism while preserving the uniqueness of Cou culture. The government respects the tribal culture, beautiful scenery, and values of Cou. Through this eco-digital graffiti art project, Canadian creativity has entered Alishan, leading to art, agriculture, sports, and other exchanges. As a result, there has been a closer connection between Chiayi County and Canada, representing a wonderful opportunity for Chiayi County to go international.


Engaging with students and visiting schools are crucial tasks.

Since 2019, the BPYS team has been igniting creativity and imagination in classrooms across the country by bringing international artists to Alishan and across the country. They use cutting-edge technology and the power of art to connect with educators and students. Through activities like digital graffiti, 360 video production, and projection mapping, the team sparks learning and creative exchanges. The students’ vision and innovation are unbridled as they are encouraged to let their creativity soar.

We won’t be slowing down anytime soon! Our mission to plant the seeds of artech education will carry on.