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Talent Seed Bank

Your generosity can help create a better future! Please support one of our unique Talent Seed Bank programs.


In 2019, we met a talented individual named mo’o in Deenyana village. mo’o’s talents were stifled by challenging family circumstances. That’s how we became involved, and mo’o became our first “Accompanied by Love” project. Since then, we’ve been by mo’o’s side, offering guidance and encouragement. Through hard work and determination, he’s overcome his struggles with the courage to face the responsibilities of life, and rediscover the inspiration to create. We’re thrilled to cheer him on and support him every step of the way.

mo’o, a member of the Cou tribe, was born in 1974 and grew up in a devout Christian family. He was an accomplished cyclist, but had to return to his tribe due to an injury. He has a son and a daughter, and raised his daughter as a single parent. In 2013, he teamed up with his daughter and won third place in the parent-child event at Laiji Elementary School.

mo’o is a talented artist and craftsman in the village, known for his creativity. He uses wood, bamboo, and stone elements in his work, and is also a very skilled hunter. Mo’o has a rich literary background and a colorful personality with a touch of romance and humor. He often surprises us with his unique handcrafts.

mo’o creates art inspired by the mountains and nature, incorporating these natural elements into home decor, furniture, and paintings.


In 2020, we came across a real hidden gem in Laiji tribe – tanivu. She loves to sing and create and we were impressed by her talent. So we developed a training plan to help her shine even brighter. tanivu was our first supported youth, and since then, we’ve been working hard to provide her with the training and support she needs to soar!

tanivu is a young and vibrant member of the Cou community, born and raised in beautiful Alishan Township, Chiayi County. After elementary school, she left her village to pursue her education in the city. With a degree from Yunlin University of Science and Technology, she returned back to her roots in Laiji village, where she now lives with her family and is ready to make a positive impact in her community.

tanivu is a free-spirited Sagittarius girl. Her boundless imagination fuels her creativity. She worked at Laiji Elementary School, where she bonded with the kids day and night, creating unforgettable memories and a deep connection in the tribe.

tanivu is a versatile creative, excelling in painting, photography, multimedia, singing, and traditional dance. Her biggest dream is to connect with aboriginal tribes around the world, learning and creating with an open heart. As she embarks on this journey of discovery, she will continue to grow and spread her wings, soaring to new heights of creative expression.


Our team entered into the Cou tribe in Alishan, to cultivate and nurture three impactful projects. The ONE Therapy Body Arts & Science initiative, the MOTUS Tribal Forest Experimental School, and the MOTUS Dome Art Curation Creative Lab all aim to bring positive change to the tribe and its young people.

Our sustainable development projects require long-term financial support to ensure deep-rooted cultivation and growth within the tribe. With sustained funding, we can continue to nurture and develop these initiatives, fostering long-term positive impact for the community.

Join us in these initiatives with caring and a helping hand. Together, let’s work step by step towards fulfilling these dreams.


If your company shares our philosophy, or you have the resources to get involved on a larger scale, we design custom programs tailored to different plans and goals. Choose the power of action and dedication to support us in making a long-term impact. Together, we can achieve great things.

Your support can help build a brighter future for generations to come, enriching their lives and opening up new possibilities.

Our growth requires persistent faith effort in what we do, as well as the trust and financial support of our backers. Your support provides the momentum to drive our initiatives forward smoothly and efficiently.