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Volunteer Program

All ages and backgrounds welcome!

Discover the joy in helping others

Join us today by filling out our BPYS Volunteer Registration Form. Share your energy and make a small contribution to society, spreading joy, love, and light.

Start your journey today and reconnect with nature. Serve as a mountain helper in the tribe, help care for the elderly, use your creativity to engage with schoolchildren, help with farming, and immerse yourself in tribal life and environmental protection. Your participation will bring joy and simplicity to your heart. Rebalance your physical and spiritual life, and discover your true self. Join us as our partner and enjoy the MOTUS lifestyle together.

In late 2018, Corbett and Irene returned to Taiwan from New York. As fate would have it they settled in Alishan Township at the foot of Tashan, and were given the tribal names – pasuya and paicu. Embracing their new identities they integrated into tribal life, and considered the mountains their home. Their vision and philosophy were well-received and supported by the tribe. In 2020, BPYS NGO was officially established, and MOTUS DOME was built in the mountainous. They also initiated various programs and projects including the Hidden Gem and Accompanied By Love programs, the Tashan Tree of Light art installation, MOTUS Living Room, and more. Moving forward from 2022 on, their main objective is to develop three key initiatives – a tribal arts corridor, a cultural lifestyle park, and a tribal forest experimental school.

The team fully supports the Rebalance Group concept which includes regular exercise, following a healthy diet, getting quality sleep, appreciation, balanced emotions, and well-being.

The team’s philosophy is to embrace the MOTUS lifestyle by blending eight key elements: Eco-conservation, Culture, Arts, Learning, Wellness, Appreciation, Science & Technology, and Sharing. This approach is aimed at creating a fulfilling and energized life.

Our team aims to support sustainable projects that empower young people to develop their talents, start families and businesses in the village. Our ultimate goal is to help them achieve financial stability, contribute to their community, and gain the freedom to live life and share with others.

After entering the Cou tribe in Alishan, the BPYS team launched a special project called “Love Cou Action”. This project aims to promote education, health, cultural creativity, technology, art, and environmental protection to meet the needs of the community. To achieve this, we are seeking volunteers of different ages and expertise to join us, as well as young partners who are interested in long-term training to become part of our sustainable team.

Location: Alishan Township, Chiayi County

Expertise: administration, accounting, event execution, ecological guides, food and beverage, park management, project planning, artistic creation, safety management, etc.

Volunteers: Transportation, meals, and accommodations during your part-time work with us is covered. We can provide letters of recommendation for outstanding effort.

Full-time: After completing our four-week training program, we’ll evaluate your skills with a verification test. Upon passing, you’ll start a three-month probationary period with a negotiable salary based on your experience and qualifications.

Time: We are now accepting applications!

Contact: +886-988-196-686