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Our goal is to help talented people thrive, and support underprivileged groups to overcome challenges.

We provide education and employment opportunities for young people, encouraging them to settle down and establish a solid foundation for their lives.

We encourage preserving cultural values while embracing new ideas, creating a platform for sustainable economic growth.

And we believe in the power of teamwork and sharing!




Program to support youth for sustainable development

Nurture the individual talents and skills of young people

Offer specialized education and job opportunities to youth

Encourage young people to settle down in their village, start a family, and build a better life through entrepreneurship

Develop a platform for long-term economic benefits.

Life Freedom Passbook Initiative

Encourage the spirit of teamwork

Give back to the community through sharing


Promoting a balanced, healthy, and active lifestyle that nurtures the mind, body, and soul

Establishing a talent seed bank offering support and development opportunities to help individuals unlock their full potential

An immersive state-of-the-art 360 Dome Theater Lab

Creating an art gallery to let visitors experience the beautiful local culture
Fostering creativity among young people with our International Art Residency Program

Establishing an innovative new international Forest School


Your trust and help are what drives us forward, and your support and action is a powerful force making us stronger every day. Let’s make a difference together!

Come join our volunteer team and be a part of something bigger.

Even a small donation can make a change, and by becoming a monthly sponsor you can make a lasting impact on our long-term goals.

Corporate project support and sponsorships are also a great way to get your team involved. Our Eco Amica helper program helps build a sustainable future for generations to come.

Remember, your involvement strengthens and fuels our growth!

Generosity and sharing have the power to shape the future for many young people

Selflessly giving and sharing without expecting anything in return is the power of great love. We invite you to join us in creating endless possibilities, providing young lives with the necessary nutrients for unlimited growth, and expanding horizons for all.

Join us and take action!

Your support through action and sponsorship can help us grow stronger. You’re welcome to join our current team of volunteers or become a member of the Eco Amica helpers. Any size of donation can help sustain us and support more causes. We offer a variety of contribution options, including one-time donations, long-term sponsorships, corporate donations, and project cooperation. Thank you for your kind support. Every contribution creates an infinite future.

Our Philosophy and Mission

Our Being Present Youth Support plan aims to cultivate individual talent, promote environmental protection and green learning, respect individual education with an ecological approach, collect and share new ideas for a sustainable future, preserve our social and environmental resources, encourage green science research and development, and foster the application of technology and art. Our goal is to provide youth with specialized learning and development opportunities, while building a sustainable platform for their support and economic growth.

Our strategies and projects to support this mission includes: • MOTUS Dome art curation creative lab • Indigenous traditional culture and language learning program • Tribal forest experimental school • International art residency program • Youth empowerment through our Life Freedom Passbook initiative • Community profit sharing programs We also recognize the importance of connecting with communities outside the mountains, so we have designed projects such as the Art Mobile and Health Mobile, as well as hands-on workshops to share our ideas and expertise.

We will seek public and private funding sources for our operating expenses, offer adopt-a-student scholarship programs, apply for venue subsidies, and invite experts to join our think tank. Additionally, we will offer sponsorship programs for companies and establish a volunteer network.




You can make a real difference by sponsoring our projects and helping young people achieve their dreams.

No matter if it’s a small one-time donation or a long-term commitment, every bit of support counts!

By joining BPYS, you can lead the charge in spreading our message far and wide!


We create custom support plans for exceptional talents with unlimited potential, and your contribution goes directly to an individual. Our goal is to cultivate and develop, help these talents shine.

With your contribution, we can give these talents the support and confidence they need to reach their full potential. Let’s have some fun and spread the love by sharing their light with the world!


Take action with a team of selfless and dedicated volunteers, making BPYS programs sustainable.

Every volunteer brings love and life to our cause, and your dedication is essential to our success. Together we can create the positive energy that will fuel our growth and allow us to thrive.

Join us today and let’s make a difference!

Our BPYS record

Since first encountering the Laiji Tribe in Alishan at the end of 2018, BPYS has been based in both Laiji and Deenyana villages, working tirelessly to establish a dedicated work base for the community.

Starting from 2019, our team has been bringing in talented artists from all around the world for international exchanges and curations. Here are just a few examples of what we’ve accomplished: In 2019, we invited a Canadian artist to create an avant-garde and completely original art exhibition called “When the Mountain Pig Meets the Eco-Graffiti Wall,”. In 2020, we collaborated with an Italian digital media artist to produce the 360 fulldome film “Through The Eyes of The Tribesman”. The same year, we invited an artist from the US to create the stunning “Tashan Tree of Light” art installation. Then in 2021 we teamed up with MOTUS Dome @ KAGI to host an unforgettable week-long arts festival in Chiayi County.

Since 2020, we’ve been working closely with the Cou tribe in Alishan on a special project called Love Cou Action. Our team has partnered up with different community development associations in the villages to bring services like One Therapy rehab treatment, art tech education, village dancing, and stylish hairdressing to the Cou community. We’re also proud to have launched the Alongside Mo’o program, along with cultivating and supporting the young and talented tanivu nota. We’ve already seen some amazing results – Mo’o has started serving in the Laiji Church! Plus we’re thrilled to share that one of our young village artists was invited to illustrate the Mandarin translation of Paulo Coelho’s latest book, “The Archer.”

We’re always pushing forward, and staying true to our ideals and goals. Investing in education, health, technology, art, and environmental protection projects are all top priorities for us. But that’s not all – we’re also working on building a sustainable economic platform that’ll help us achieve our BPYS plan and make profit sharing a reality.

We’re an open book! Every step our team takes, from photos and videos to written updates, is shared with all of our supporters. And we want you to join us, too – there are so many ways you can get involved and help this project grow!

Supporting the six key concepts of Rebalance Renaissance

Our team fully supports the Rebalance Renaissance Group’s concept, and we’re right there with them, sowing the seeds of education and support for youth. We believe in living a life filled with knowledge and balance, and we want young people to have the same opportunity to develop their minds, bodies, and souls. Together, we can help them grow into wise, grounded individuals.

Rebalance has six key concepts which include regular exercise, following a healthy diet, getting quality sleep, appreciation, balanced emotions, and well-being.

Movere: The fundamentals of good health

Regular exercise and an active lifestyle are what’s required to maintain our health. Self-discipline is something we all have, and being disciplined about exercise provides a good foundation for our personal well-being.

Maintaining a healthy body is our own responsibility. Human bodies were not designed for staying still, but for moving around. Having a healthy mindset of ongoing gradual movement is an important foundation for our bodies.

Our basic physical instinct is to move our bodies, but as we progress in this age of science and technology, life gets more comfortable, and we start to ignore the importance of exercise to our health. We end up moving less and less. Movere is about having a conscious active lifestyle. It all starts with getting up and stretching, moving our bodies around, enjoying the outdoors, taking part in everyday activities, and being happy and healthy.

Smart Food Life

A proper diet means having a good attitude towards what you eat.

Just simplify your food and have fun. From farm to table, follow the tastes through four different seasons. Combine healthy new food ingredients with expert knowledge. Design a family food menu that works for your lifestyle. Learn to respect life and enjoy delicious healthy vegetarian recipes. Enjoy the flavors of local cuisine. Meet amazing chefs on a gourmet date.

Visit different farm style dining tables around the world.

ONE Sleep

Quality sleep is the key to good physical and mental health.

Sleep is essential for the formation and consolidation of memory, and plays a central role in forming new neural connections and repairing old ones. Sleep also helps regulate hormones. Hormones are released during sleep to control growth, metabolism, appetite, and also help cells and tissues to repair and regenerate. Getting poor quality sleep increases the risk of disorders including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity. Quality sleep can effectively repair the body, consolidate the memory, and revitalize the body and soul.

The ancient Chinese medicine text, “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” states that “the blood lies in the liver when people lie down” meaning the importance of sleep for health, detoxification, and new liver blood. Sleep is divided into four phases: in the first phase, brain waves and physiological activities begin to slow down, and you start to enter a stable rest state which is also a light stage sleep. In the second phase, brain waves, and muscle activity start to decrease and prepare the mind for deep sleep. In the third stage, the deep sleep state, the body produces growth hormones, regulates immune system function, and develops and repairs muscle tissue, making it a critical stage for physical health and recovery. The fourth phase is the rapid eye movement phase, and plays a vital role in the brain’s ability to learn and remember.

Many insomnia and sleep disorders come from stress and anxiety. Listening to our natural clock is what keeps us healthy. Remember to maintain good exercise habits during the day, follow proper eating habits, and pay attention to weight management. Give the brain time to rest and reduce stress levels. Relax before going to bed, stretch and ease the muscles, and enjoy good quality sleep in bed.


Appreciating life is a kind of cultivated style.

Many of life’s creations are hidden in the details. Rather than racing against time, trying to make everything happen according to a plan, the simple wisdom lies in choosing to surrender. Enjoy the beauty of being immersed in art, let your imagination soar freely, allow yourself to make mistakes, and adjust and nurture your experience through your errors. Surrender is warm and selfless sharing, a happy go lucky life, the courage to try new things, no fear of hardships, and using the power of belief to face the challenges of life.

Appreciate with all your heart the happiness and romance of life. The ordinary details of life can be amazing. The more your heart craves, the further you are from reaching those goals.

Respect everything around you and don’t wait for the future. Living in the present is the future. The future is now, so appreciate your life.

Balanced Emotions

Balanced emotions is one of the first steps to being kind to yourself.

Life’s emotions are sweet and sour, bitter and spicy. Irritability blurs the judgment and can easily hurt the ones you love. Balanced emotions are always interconnected with other parties. Reconciling both reason and sensibility is achieving emotional balance.

The intellectual left side of the brain can easily become too rigid, while the chaotic right side of the brain can easily become too emotional. Our left brain developed after our right brain, so acting childish is just not being able to figure out these different emotions. Greed is what causes emotional ups and downs, and is the main source of our inner chaos and imbalance. The Rebalance concept is about constantly reviewing our emotional roots. Rather than painfully nitpicking at other faults, maybe we can calm down and review the actual true source of our emotions. Keeping ourselves in ongoing rebalancing review, we can find our own answers, and stop feeling so painfully tangled up in emotions.

Rebalance is the secret weapon for balanced emotions


Well-being is the only way to extend and improve the quality of your life.

The concept of traditional Chinese medicine is to place more attention on preventing sickness rather than treating sickness. The traditional saying is “treating no disease is to cure the disease.” Maintaining health is the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. The word health, 養生 (yǎngshēng), first came from Zhuangzi’s “Inner Chapter” – to nuture life. In moderation comes long life.

Traditional Chinese medicine describes foods of five colors, a body of five organs, which matches the five natural elements of wood (liver), fire (heart), earth (spleen), metal (lung), and water (kidney). The five internal organs (liver, heart, spleen, lung, and kidney) store our vital energy, while and the six hollow organs (gall bladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, bladder, and “triple burner”- a concept special to TCM referring to three interrelated areas of the body) are responsible for transmission and digestion.

There is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine that is summarized in the saying ‘seven parts care and three parts treatment’. Well-being in this context denotes keeping a healthy lifestyle through daily exercise, diet, sleep, and mood. Regular exercise, more plant based foods, quality sleep, exploring creativity, balanced emotions, and consistent health practices, are a step by step way to create a healthy, happy, and simple life.

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